Fredag morgon/Friday morning


Fredag lunch/Friday lunch:

Potatis och nötköttbullar, sås, lingonsylt./Boiled potatoes and meatballs (beef meat), lingon berry jam.

Fredag kväll/Friday supper:

Kycklinggryta, ris./Chicken stew, rice.


Lördag morgon/Saturday morning:


Lördag lunch/Saturday lunch:

Pasta- och tacogratäng./Pasta- and tacogratin.

Lördag kväll/Saturday supper:

Nötfalukorv, potatismos./Falu sausage (beef meat), mashed potatoes.


Söndag morgon/Sunday morning:


NOTE - IMPORTANT: If you have any special food requests (vegan etc), please notify us by filling in your requests in your team information in Cup Manager.

All food that is served during Stadium Basketball Cup 2018 will be pork free and also lactose free.

Lunch and supper will be served together with salad, swedish hard bread (knäckebröd) and beverage.