Referee registration for the Stadium Basketball Cup 2022


Be on site in Norrköping already on Thursday evening April 9.

SEK 100 per game (regardless of age group or referee training). The money is deposited into your account and is not issued in cash.

Scandic Hotel Norrköping City (single room only). About 20 rooms are available. The hotel has a jacuzzi/relaxation area. The accommodation is available from Thursday April 9 to Sunday April 12.

Acommodation fee
SEK 300 for three nights at Scandic City.

Minibuses signposted "Stadium Basketball Cup 2020" will transport teams as well as referees in the mornings and evenings.

Travel compensation
Travel compensation of SEK 15/mile if you travel with four passengers in a car. If you travel by yourself (by car or public transport), compensation of max SEK 200 when displaying a ticket.

All food is pork free. Lunch and dinner is served at Stadium Arena. Information about breakfast will be added later.

Allergy and special diet
Email and we will notify the kitchen of your allergies or requests for special diets.


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You have to specify your bank account. We use this to pay out your money.

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Please read through the agreement below, and accept it. This is required to be able to carry on with your registration.

It is absolutely forbidden to be on drugs during the cup. If you are on drugs, you will be sent home without payment.

Your alcohol consumption during the cup is your own responsibility, but if you smell of alcohol or are inebriated during the cup, you only get the amount of fees that you refereed for and nothing more. There is also no travel compensation for those who smell of alcohol or are inebriated.

Personal information

If the tournament wants, they are allowed to show my name in public, for example in order for other referees to choose me as a partner or in game tables in the tournament game schedule

After you've sent in your registration, you can add your availability.