Transportation to Norrköping

Here are some useful links to help you plan your travel between Stockholm and Norrköping.


Bus: or

Charterbuss: and

NOTE: Bus to/from Norrköping (with a e.g. ferry from Stockholm) is not included in the cup cards.

Transportation from Norrköping train and bus station/airport
Please let us know when you arrive by bus, train or flight so that we can pick you up from the Norrköping train and bus station, or from the Norrköping Airport. Your arrival/departure information can be entered in the team cup account you receive once you complete team registration.

Transport booking (between accommodation and arena)

Contact our transport manager to book transportation from/to the arena from/to accommodation. Book through our cup office in Stadium Arena or by phone. You will receive more information about booking and a booking number to call in the Welcome Letter all teams receive at check-in.